Kobe Steel, India

Kobe Steel, India

Kobe Steel, India

Lotwala Building, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Stainless Steel Products

To cater the varied requirements of our client base, we are engaged in manufacturing, trading, and exporting a wide array of Stainless Steel Pipes, Tubes, Bars, and much more. Offered products are highly acclaimed among our customers for their excellent tensile strength, durability and longer life.

Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes

SS 316 Seamless PipeGet Quotation

SS 316 Seamless Pipe

SS Seamless PipesGet Quotation

SS Seamless Pipes

Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes

Duplex & Super Duplex Round Bars

S31803 Duplex SS PipeGet Quotation

S31803 Duplex SS Pipe

Duplex Round BarsGet Quotation

Duplex Round Bars

S32750 Round BarsGet Quotation

S32750 Round Bars

Stainless Steel Plates

SS 304L PlatesGet Quotation

SS 304L Plates

Cut Pieces SS SheetGet Quotation

Cut Pieces SS Sheet

Duplex Flanges

Duplex Steel FlangeGet Quotation

Duplex Steel Flange

Inconel FlangeGet Quotation

Inconel Flange

Stainless Steel Flanges

SS 202 FlangeGet Quotation

SS 202 Flange

SS 304 FlangeGet Quotation

SS 304 Flange

SS 321 FlangeGet Quotation

SS 321 Flange

SS 430 FlangeGet Quotation

SS 430 Flange

Alloy Steel FlangesGet Quotation

Alloy Steel Flanges

Inconel Metal Alloy

Inconel Metal AlloyGet Quotation

Inconel Metal Alloy

Inconel 600 PipeGet Quotation

Inconel 600 Pipe

Inconel 601 TubeGet Quotation

Inconel 601 Tube

Inconel 625 PipeGet Quotation

Inconel 625 Pipe

Inconel 718 BarsGet Quotation

Inconel 718 Bars

Monel Metal Alloy

Monel 400 PipesGet Quotation

Monel 400 Pipes

Monel K500 RodGet Quotation

Monel K500 Rod

Stainless Steel Pipes

SS 304L PipeGet Quotation

SS 304L Pipe

ERW Black Steel PipesGet Quotation

ERW Black Steel Pipes

Mild Steel PipesGet Quotation

Mild Steel Pipes

Alloy PipeGet Quotation

Alloy Pipe

Alloy Steel PipesGet Quotation

Alloy Steel Pipes

Stainless Steel Tubes

Round Steel TubesGet Quotation

Round Steel Tubes

Titanium TubesGet Quotation

Titanium Tubes

Aluminium TubesGet Quotation

Aluminium Tubes

Brass TubeGet Quotation

Brass Tube

Stainless Steel Bars

Mild Steel Round BarGet Quotation

Mild Steel Round Bar

Carbon Steel BarsGet Quotation

Carbon Steel Bars

H21 Round BarGet Quotation

H21 Round Bar

UNS S20910 BarGet Quotation

UNS S20910 Bar

Stainless Steel Sheets

SS 347 SheetsGet Quotation

SS 347 Sheets

Super Duplex SheetGet Quotation

Super Duplex Sheet

Stainless Steel Coils

Aluminium Coil 6061Get Quotation

Aluminium Coil 6061

SS 430 CoilGet Quotation

SS 430 Coil

Aluminium Coil 6063Get Quotation

Aluminium Coil 6063

Aluminium Coil 6082Get Quotation

Aluminium Coil 6082

Aluminium Coil 5083Get Quotation

Aluminium Coil 5083

Stainless Steel Fittings

Stainless Steel Rods

17-4 PH RodsGet Quotation

17-4 PH Rods

SS 15-5 PH RodsGet Quotation

SS 15-5 PH Rods

15-5 PH BarsGet Quotation

15-5 PH Bars

Copper Pipes

Cu-OFE Copper PipeGet Quotation

Cu-OFE Copper Pipe

C10100 Copper PipeGet Quotation

C10100 Copper Pipe

CW009A Copper PipeGet Quotation

CW009A Copper Pipe

Cu-ETP Copper PipeGet Quotation

Cu-ETP Copper Pipe

C11000 Copper PipeGet Quotation

C11000 Copper Pipe

Copper Tube

C10100 Copper TubeGet Quotation

C10100 Copper Tube

C110 Copper TubeGet Quotation

C110 Copper Tube

C101 Copper TubeGet Quotation

C101 Copper Tube

CW009A Copper TubeGet Quotation

CW009A Copper Tube

Cu-OFE Copper TubeGet Quotation

Cu-OFE Copper Tube

Copper Bars

Cu-OF Copper BarsGet Quotation

Cu-OF Copper Bars

C102 Copper BarsGet Quotation

C102 Copper Bars

C10100 Copper BarsGet Quotation

C10100 Copper Bars

C101 Copper BarsGet Quotation

C101 Copper Bars

CW009A Copper BarsGet Quotation

CW009A Copper Bars

Copper Fittings

C110 Copper FittingsGet Quotation

C110 Copper Fittings

Hastalloy Pipes

Hastalloy C22 PipesGet Quotation

Hastalloy C22 Pipes

Hastalloy C-276 PipeGet Quotation

Hastalloy C-276 Pipe

Hastelloy B-2 PipeGet Quotation

Hastelloy B-2 Pipe

Alloy 904l SteelGet Quotation

Alloy 904l Steel

Alloy 20Get Quotation

Alloy 20

Incoloy Pipes

Incoloy 800Get Quotation

Incoloy 800

Incoloy 825 PipeGet Quotation

Incoloy 825 Pipe

ASTM Pipes

API Pipes

Stainless Steel Round Bars

SS Round BarGet Quotation

SS Round Bar

Duplex Steel product

Duplex Steel SheetGet Quotation

Duplex Steel Sheet